About us

Buying Local-why the challenge? It’s such a cheesy question

When I was starting my career as a chef 30 years ago, I had to buy a pick up truck for my Toronto restaurant to buy local produce from the Food Terminal market. No one used the term local but my customers always commented on how great the green beans were!

Buying local has come a long way since then. The slow food and Farm to Table movements, the Health Food industry, and research on the damaging effects of Big-Agra have increased demand for local foods. However consumers trying to buy local still face challenges like product availability, product quality and supply chain issues. “But I special ordered it 2 weeks ago” – sound familiar?

Here in Southwestern Ontario I’ve been watching our local cheese producers thrive, grow and win awards for their products worldwide. There are now six cheese makers making over 100 different products within an hour of my house. Our mission at Ontario Cheese is to get a slice of Ontario cheese onto your menu by making the ordering and delivery process easy and offering a full listing of products from each producer

Our model

Service, Quality, Selection.

We are trying to remove barriers instead of putting them up. Ontario Cheese cuts out the middleman by delivering cheeses that are cut, wrapped and labeled at the producers. This means our cheese goes straight from the farm to your restaurant.-no cheese sitting on a warehouse shelf.

You can shop all of our products online at Ontario-Cheese.com, and we offer a low order minimum of $125 and a 2% discount for orders over $300. We accept all forms of payment at no additional charge: credit, debit, Pay Pal and house accounts. Opening an account with us is simple-all you need is a name and an address, no credit applications or credit checks.